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Our vision is to enable the transition towards zero emissions in the global shipping fleet 


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Our Business

Our business 

Our solutions address the needs for rapid and cost-effective emission reductions and a gradual transition to zero emission solutions.
For the maritime sector, we offer technology and solutions to improve the efficiency and reduce emissions from ships.
For the maritime and industry sectors we offer a range of services to help identify and realize innovative green projects.
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Feed Studies

Feed studies and cost-benefit analysis. Enebling knowledge based decisions. Providing the economic case for action.

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Development and implementation of green projects.

Project Management and support, from developing the investment basis to overseeing the project execution.


Product and services

Developing and offering cost-effective products and solutions to reduce emissions and improve efficiency for ships


In collaboration with leading maritime R&D and innovation ecosystems in Norway, Future Energy Solutions is developing new technology and solutions for improved efficiency and reduction of emissions from propulsion machinery on ships.
Collaboration partners include SINTEF Ocean, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), catapult centre Sustainable Energy, and leading shipping and business actors in the sector.
Future Energy Solutions has received support for development of its innovative solutions from Etablererfondet i Sunnhordland, Regionalt Forskningsfond, and Forskningsrådet (the Norwegian Research Council).
Future Energy Solutions is an associated member of the NCE Maritime Cleantech


Future Energy Solutions is a technology and service provider offering green solutions to the maritime and industry sectors. 
We help companies and organizations develop and implement projects that improve efficiency in operations and reduces emissions.
Our main purpose is to help shipowners improve the environmental impact of their existing fleet in a cost-effective way. We provide support for the whole process, from developing the investment basis to overseeing the project execution.
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Market & business development

Magnar Aaland

Technical manager

Nils Arne Tveit

Chairman of the board

Lars Solberg

Project manager

Kristine Aaland

Finance & economics

Svein Arild Tvedten

General manager 

Sigbjørn Nesheim


Ringvegen 31, 5406 STORD 

Tel: +47 907 34 860

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